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UNITE Research
We have established the global marketing network, independent research center, testing center, and key product manufacturing plant. Our plants all produce the products in strict accordance with ISO9001, ISO45001, ISO14001 quality management syste.

15 years manufacturing technology of surfactant

Our analytical staff has experience and skill in various types of quality analysis, UNITE performing appropriate analysis on more than 30000 reagents based on years of experience and tranning. Many highly-experience staff perform analysis with a high degree of accuracy on manual analyses including the analysis of various chelating agents- which need complicated combustion process-gravimetric method, viscometer testing.

Advantage of production

.In the last few decades, Unite have evolved from a dubious idea to a clinical reality. The development and industrialization of emulsifir is the most compelling example to prove the above claim. span 80 has several advantages (i) it is a non-nonionic surfactant with color from amber to brown the relative density is 102.9 melting point 10-12℃ flash point 210℃ with fatty odor insoluble in water solopyl alcohol four vinyl chloride xylene cottonseed oil mineral oil is a kind of advanced lipophilic emulsifier; that can be easily designed to efficiently express any protein, (ii) it has cost-effective and highly scalable manufacturing potential, and (iii) a small dose is sufficient to induce a protective immune response.
Linyi Unite Bio-technology Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of span and tween series surfacant andchemical auxiliaries.
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